Poster presentations - WindEurope Technology Workshop 2021
Resource Assessment & Analysis of Operating Wind Farms 2021
8-10 September • Online

Poster presentations

Topic 1 – Operations


Advanced wind turbine blade impact detection with night vision capability

Roberto Albertani, Professor, Oregon State University


Use of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to accurately detect, classify and deter birds maximizing wind turbines operating time and saving bird lives

Vassilis Orfanos, CEO – Gocom & Executive Management Consultant – nvisionist


Evaluating the performance of a wind generator in providing droop control during grid frequency increases – an independent analysis

Eldrich Rebello, Wind Integration Engineer, Wind Energy Institute of Canada


Optimising yaw control to local wind conditions

Bruno Pinto, Chief Technology Officer, Sereema


Automation for smart operations to increase wind farm availability by 1%

Jorge López Lanzuela, Product Manager, Green Eagle Solutions


Optimum wind: Intelligent wind energy management platform

Fabiola Roccatagliata, Electrical Smart Grid Engineer, Rina Consulting S.p.A


Case Study: Detection of aerodynamic rotor imbalance and the evaluation of performance before and after correction

Christophe Lepaysan, CEO, Epsiline


Presentation of the gain linked to the implementation of an option to improve the program to regulate the alignment of the nacelle in relation to wind direction

Julien Dalmas, Manager Technical Engineering, VALEMO


Field evaluation and results of nacelle LiDAR embedded new processing algorithms for advanced turbine control

Zhi Liang, R&D Scientific Manager, Leosphere


IREC wind energy indexes: macro indicators for performance monitoring over time

Marion Jude, Senior Wind Analyst, Eoltech


Simplified analysis of the power curve

Silvina Guimarães, Senior Technician of the Wind Energy Group and Technical Coordinator of Wind Turbine Testing, INEGI


Long-term wind turbine performance deterioration assessment through power curve analysis and machine learning techniques

Velissarios Kourkoulis, Digital Data Services Manager, Vector Renewables Srl, NUO Energy


How to take advantage of new technological developments for the success in life extension assessments of wind turbines: Lifetime assessment through SCADA data

Lucas Santiago López Aragón, Head of Loads & Sites, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy


Evaluating a load curtailment removal using an independent monitoring device, a case study with EKZ

Aleix Torner, Wind Engineer, Sereema


Remote lubrication management of wind turbines

Michael Slembeck, Manager OEM Solution Center, SKF Group


Data analytics to detect critical failure modes in offshore wind turbines: the case of pitch systems

Jone Irigoyen, Project Engineer, General Manager, Basque Energy Cluster


Using different types of digital twins for remote condition monitoring

Henrik Pedersen, Solution Architect, Diagnostics, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy


Static yaw misalignment: 1.2 GWh AEP increase by identification and correction

Nicolaz Guidon, Operation & Wind Resource Engineer, CGN Europe Energy


LiDAR met masts for ongoing performance measurements of onshore and offshore wind farms

John Slater, Senior Consultant, Fuchtner Consulting Engineers


Journey to prescriptive maintenance

Jan Reifferscheidt, Reliability Engineer, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy


The path towards O&M decision automation for renewables

Philippe Cambron, Wind Energy Research & Development Specialist, Power Factors


Power performance assessment and optimization using spinner anemometers and nacelle LiDAR systems

Koen Hermans, Researcher Offshore Wind, TNO


Monitoring of export and inter-array cables using Distributed Rayleigh Sensing

Kuljit Singh, Business Development Manager, OptaSense Ltd

Topic 2 โ€“ Artificial Intelligence & Big Data


Detection system for extreme wind events based on WRF high-resolution simulations and deep learning

Bert Gollnick, Senior Data Scientist, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy


How to develop the right wind power project? Wind resource screening downscaling the New European Wind Atlas with CFD and machine learning

Pablo Duran, Project Engineer & Developer, WindSim


Condition monitoring of wind turbines using predictive models performance from SCADA data

Jui-Hung Liu, Assistant Professor, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology


Predictive maintenance of operating assets and digital twins

Urban Elgqvist, Marketing Manager, Hitachi ABB Power Grids


Rina Genium Wind – An AI based solution for the integrity management of wind turbine blades

Enrico Di Martino, Digital Project Manager, Rina Consulting S.p.A


Data Capability: A framework to scale and allow machine learning

Monelle Comeau, Senior Data Scientist, Power Factors


IEA Wind Task 43: Data science documentation a new guideline to applying data science in wind energy

Rob Hammond, Wind Technology Software Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)


Identifying the impact of location type on the quality of MCP-based predictions using Machine Learning approaches

Sandra Schwegmann, Scientist, Fraunhofer IWES


OpenOA and ENTR: An open-source framework for the analysis of operational wind plant data

Eric Simley, Research Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Topic 3 – Forecasting


Regionally extended shared socioeconomic pathways for the offshore wind industry in Finland

Jamie Jenkins, Doctoral Student, University of Helsinki


A holistic approach to improve the model & value chain of renewable energy forecasting – the smart4RES project

Simon Camal, Senior Researcher, Project Manager, MINES ParisTech – Centre PERSEE

Topic 4 โ€“ Business Models


IEA Wind Task 43: grand challenges in the digitalisation of wind energy

Andrew Bray, Principal, MXV Ventures


Rethinking Innovation

Michael Stephenson, Associate Director, The Renewables Consulting Group


An automated end-to-end multidisciplinary framework for wind farm prospecting

Zaiyong Zhang, Data Scientist, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy


Wind O&M digitalization maturity model

Alex Koltsidopoulos, Lead Renewables Consultant, Xodus Group

Topic 5 โ€“ Resource Assessment


High-resolution estimation of wind resources at turbine hub height with SAR and machine learning

Romain Husson, Research Engineer, CLS


Determination of wake decay constant to parametrize the N.O. Jensen wake model

Niklas Wittkamp, Project Manager Site Assessment, wpd europe GmbH


Mesoscale numerical models and reanalysis products for onshore and offshore wind resource assessment: which is better?

Nicola Bodini, Researcher, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)


The use of zarr files to store and study 4D wind flow BLOCKS

Marta Gil Bardaji, R&D Wind Modelling, Vortex FdC


Case study in a enabling a WRA data platform using IEA Task 43 data model

Amit Bohara, Principal, Altosphere


Regionally calibrated wind resource estimates to de-risk and accelerate early wind farm development and acquisition processes

Daniela Ribeiro, Head of Section, Project Development & Operation, DNV


Wind resource assessment using a novel meso-microscale coupling framework based on machine learning

Pablo Duran, Project Engineer & Developer, WindSim


Modeling wind farms and turbines using a Vortex Filament Method

Jacob Krispin, Founder & CEO, Vorcat, Inc.


Exploration of pragmatic ways to evaluate wake decay constants for offshore wind farms

Jan Heinen, Wind expert, Tractebel


Numerical simulation of flow past a floating wind turbine subjected to wave-induced motion using a Vortex Filament Method

Jacob Krispin, Founder & CEO, Vorcat, Inc.


Wind farm blockage – an effective approach

Katja Kleeberg, CFD Developer, WindSim


Operational asset results of interaction effects between atmospheric flow and a closely-spaced lateral wind farm configuration

Thales Delmiro, Wind Farm Project Development Engineer, Casa dos Ventos


Quantifying the wind farm cumulative induction zone effect

Aidan Keane, Renewable Energy Consultant, Wood Renewables


Impact of health and safety on offshore wind operations and available resource

Jade McMorland, PhD Student, University of Strathclyde


Where did the wind go? Looking into the extreme case of the 2020 summer monsoon in India

Philippe Beaucage, Lead Research Scientist, UL


A case study of a numerical site calibration over complex terrain

Lan Ding, Operation Assessment Engineer, EDF Renouvelables


Satellite-based products to underpin and improve the accuracy of wind resource assessments

Torsten Bondo, Business Development Manager, DHI GRAS


Wake model validation and wake detection methods

Aidan Keane, Renewable Energy Consultant, Wood Renewables


High fidelity data-driven generation of synthetic wind speeds

Daniele D'Ambrosio, PhD Student, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)


Towards a comprehensive use of wind farm production data for improving resource assessment

Lukas Vollmer, Researcher, Fraunhofer IWES


Method to improve accuracy of production modelling and loss interaction in the time domain

Marion Le Doeuff, Analytics Manager, Natural Power


Measurement strategy for the repowering of a 26 WTGs wind farm in simple terrain

Romain Fabre, Wind Resource Assessment Engineer, EDF Renouvelables


Assessment of nacelle-mounted lidar for turbine power performance testing

Robin Cote, WindCube Nacelle Product Manager, Leosphere


1-year of offshore wind measurements with a 40m-high floating met mast

Dimitri Foussekis, Senior Research Engineer, C.R.E.S.


How will floating foundations impact energy yield assessments?

Joseph Thompson, Analyst, K2 Management


Wind resource assessment for a floating wind turbine: TetraSpar demonstration project

Sam Williams, Technical Analyst, RWE Renewables


Modelled datasets: are they getting it right and what value do they bring?

Marie-Anne Cowan, Lead Offshore Wind Engineer, Wood Thilsted


Quality measures for for the spatial/temporal characteristics of modelled wind fields

Hans Georg Beyer, Professor, University of the Faroe Islands


Comparing pre- and post-construction wind farm energy yield estimates in Nordics

Ville Lehtomäki, Managing Director, Kjeller Vindteknikk