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Joost Sandberg

Renewable Energy Development Manager, AkzoNobel


As a Renewable Development Manager, Joost Sandberg is part of a team of dedicated energy experts within AkzoNobel. He has over 13 year experience in the Energy industry and has set up various innovative partnerships to drive new, sustainable business. Within AkzoNobel, Joost is responsible for increasing the share of renewable energy, mostly through long term partnerships with renewable energy producers. This supports AkzoNobel’s goals to increase the share of renewable energy use of the company from today’s 40% to 100% in 2050. Next to this, Joost is developing new business based on Green Hydrogen, that is produced using renewable power. AkzoNobel is an international (decorative) paint, coating and chemical company, of which the chemical business represents the most energy intensive part, approximately 80% of the variable cost base is determined by energy. AkzoNobel’s annual energy spent is around € 0.6 billion in primarily electricity, steam and gas. Before joining AkzoNobel more than 3 years ago, Joost worked 9 years for RWE in the varying positions in strategy, M&A and business development. He has a Master of Science in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management from the Technical University Delft.

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