"Local impact, global leadership"


Emin Askerov

Deputy Director General, Development and International Business, Novawind, Russia


Emin Askeov is Deputy director general for development and international business in the NovaWind company – a division of “Rosatom” managing wind energy business. He is a graduate of Higher School of Economics (Moscow) and London School of Economics with degrees in economics and banking. Emin Askerov joined Rosatom in 2013 by launching JSC OTEK (a conventional heat and power division of “Rosatom”). His wide experience in the energy sector and visionary thinking made him one of the driving forces of wind energy business development in Rosatom. In the 2016 – 2017 as the result of governmental power delivery contests Rosatom was awarded contracts for 970 MW which make 43% of the current wind energy market in Russia. Having launched the wind business and the vast localization program in Russia Emin Askerov is now responsible for international strategy development and new business opportunities for NovaWind in the smart energy sector.

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