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Ad Meijer

Executive Delegate, Province of Flevoland / IPO, Netherlands


Biografie Ad Meijer: Since may 10th Mr. Ad Meijer (1957) is a regional minister in the Dutch Province of Flevoland. One of his main tasks is the transformation of fossil energy into sustainable energy. As Flevoland is a ‘windy’ province, windmills are important means to reach that transformation goal. Meijer was an entrepreneur in the medical supply business until 2009 in which year he sold his company. Since 2010 he was a member of the city council of Amersfoort for the Socialistische Partij (SP) and since 2011 chairman. Since 2011 he was a member of the regional parliament of the province of Utrecht for the SP, and since 2014 chairman of this political group. Both memberships ended on the day was appointed to regional minister in Flevoland. On a national scale he is member of the board of the provinces in the Netherlands and chairman of their Energy Commission.

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