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Svend Ole Hansen

Engineer, Svend Ole Hansen ApS, Denmark


Svend Ole Hansen (SOH) has since his graduation in Civil and Structural Engineering in 1975 and his PhD in Wind Engineering in 1978 specialized in wind engineering, structural vibrations and structural safety of various onshore and offshore structures. He has been engaged in a wide range of different projects related to these topics. He is owner and CEO and he has designed the three boundary layer wind tunnels of Svend Ole Hansen ApS, Denmark and SOH Wind Engineering LLC, USA. Calibration of cup anemometers, theoretical calculations, wind tunnel tests, structural vibrations, wind-induced traffic accidents on bridges and estimation of extreme winds are part of his experience. SOH has been a lecturer in wind engineering at the Technical University of Denmark for more than 10 years. He has been an invited speaker on many occasions. SOH has written three books and many papers regarding different aspects of wind engineering. SOH has made substantial contributions to Eurocodes, the Eurocode on wind actions and Danish codes.


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