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Resource Assessment 2017

Resource Assessment 2017

Thursday 16 & Friday 17 March 2017, EICC, Edinburgh, UK

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Over 180 wind resource assessment specialists met in Edinburgh on 16 & 17 March for WindEurope’s fourth technology workshop on this popular topic. Giles Dickson, CEO, WindEurope, opened “Resource Assessment 2017” by welcoming delegates from 23 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa.

As the industry’s European non-profit association, WindEurope can hold these workshops thanks to the continued support of its members.

What is ‘resource assessment’ all about?

When asked to explain resource assessment as simply as possible, here is what some participants at the workshop said:

“We find where the wind blows!”
Andrea Hahmann, Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy

“Because putting a finger in the air isn’t enough!”
Marion Jude, Wind Analyst, Eoltech

“It’s all about the wind!”
Andrew Henderson, Senior Lead Windfarm Engineer, DONG Energy

Wind Resource 2017 focused on how to improve the accuracy of estimating how much wind there is at a given site, through better models and validation tools.

On the first day, special attention was paid to the development of a standard for reducing uncertainty in calculations. The use of the global and European wind atlases currently being developed in wind project-planning generated significant interest and organisations were encouraged to join these collaborative projects and contribute their datasets where possible. In a special session, a panel of investors gave their perspective on how resource assessment techniques and methodologies can add real value during project planning and financing.

The second day focused on improved techniques for the reduction of generation losses from wakes, in addition to examining how LiDARs can be used in the development of onshore and offshore windfarms.

Attendees also had the opportunity to meet exhibitors and the presenters of 31 posters during extended networking times.

Exhibitors and Sponsors

These leading companies exhibited at the workshop:

Vaisala Logo Renewable NRG Logo EMD Internarional Logo

For exhibition and sponsorship opportunities with a highly targeted audience at future workshops contact us at [email protected] or tel: +32 2 213 1827

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