Sponsors & Exhibitors

Sponsors & Exhibitors

We are pleased to welcome over 100 wind energy professionals to each of our Technical Workshops througout the year. In particular, the Resource Assessment workshop gathers modeling analysts, wind energy engineers, metereologists, wind farm designers, programmers, academics, and more.

This highly specialised event is the place to meet people that work in the same specific field. Click here to find out how you can be featured on this page.

Meet our sponsors and exibitors :

Renewable NRG Logo


Renewable NRG Systems (NRG) measurement products and technical services are purpose-built for the global renewable energy industry.

RNRG pioneered wind resource assessment more than 30 years ago, when the wind industry was just beginning.

Today, the company serves multiple stages of wind and solar project development—from site assessment to commercial operation. You’ll find RNRG products in use by utilities, OEMs, developers, research institutes, and governments in more than 150 countries. Learn more at www.renewablenrgsystems.com.



LEOSPHERE is a world leader in ground-based LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) for atmospheric observation.

The company designs, develops, manufactures, sells and services new turnkey remote-sensing instruments allowing wind measurement and aerosol characterization.

LEOSPHERE is focused on ground-based LIDARs and has deployed several hundreds of WINDCUBEs all over the world in all types of environments with the same concern of reliability, accuracy and return on investment.


Vaisala logo


Weather is the largest variable impacting electricity generation, transmission, and demand. Are you using weather information to your greatest competitive advantage?

Vaisala understands the impact weather has on the energy industry. We combine weather expertise with modern science to provide you with equipment and services that improve the performance of your projects, reduce uncertainty, and maximize value.

From greenfield prospecting, measurement, and due diligence, to operational forecasting and optimization services – we are your weather expert!

EMD logo


EMD is a software and consultancy company supplying countries worldwide with software and consultancy services within the field of project design, planning and documentation of environmental friendly energy projects, particularly wind projects and dynamic complex renewable energy systems.

windPRO is the world’s most widely used software package for planning and design of wind farm projects.

More than 1,800 companies and institutions, including several of the world’s leading turbine manufacturers, project developers, engineering companies, utilities, planning authorities and research institutions are using windPRO.

windPRO includes more than two decades of research and experience in design, planning and documentation of wind farm projects worldwide. The calculation results and documentation from windPRO are recognized and accepted worldwide by investors, banks and planning authorities.


Vortex is a world leader in providing synthetic wind data. By means of an easy-to-use online platform, we facilitate fast, robust and global forecast and long-term hindcast wind information according to industry standards and requirements. Since 2005, the combined expertise of former wind professionals and modelling researchers has allowed us to generate more than 50,000,000 km2 of maps and 150,000 cumulative years of virtual time series which have been provided to users from 149 countries.

Visibility for your company

Participants at this international event might be looking for business opportunities in your country or region. Showcase your company and expertise by joining us as our sponsor or exhibitor:


Book an area dedicated to display your brand and products, including banners and your own promotional items. This area will of course be located in a high traffic area at the venue. You will also be featured here, on the exhibitor webpage.


As a supporter, you may benefit from sponsorship benefits on top of the opportunities for exhibitors: your logo and website will be featured on all the workshop site pages, on our promotional emails sent to thousands of industry contacts prior to the workshop, and on the printed programme. You will also benefit from an area to display your brand and products.

For additional sponsorship opportunities, please contact Sara Albaladejo at [email protected] or tel: +32 2 213 1827.