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Climate change

When: Tuesday, 11 June 2024, 9:00 - 9:45
Where: Pembroke-Herbert room
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Session description

In this session we will start out by hearing the latest within climate change modelling, how to choose models and what the influence of the oceans is on the future climate and many other aspects.

We will then turn the spotlight from the stage to you, the audience! We would like to hear your opinion about the following question: are we using climate change model output optimally in the wind resource community? From this question and your answers, the discussion will lead into unknown territory, based on what we, the audience, the speakers and the chairs contribute to the discussion.

We will end the session by summing up and potentially identifying areas for further investigation.

Session chair

Lars Landberg

Vice President, Group Leader, Renewables, Group Research and Development, DNV

Gil Lizcano

CEO, Climate Scale

General discussion

Rémi Gandoin

Senior Specialist, C2Wind

Paula Gonzalez

Senior Scientist, Met Office

Andrea Hahmann

Senior Researcher, DTU

Ana Lopez

Science Director, Climate Scale

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