HIPERWIND final event | WindEurope Technology Workshop 2024

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HIPERWIND final event

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When: Tuesday 11 June, 16:00–18:30

Open to: All participants who register separately for this event

EU Horizon2020 Hiperwind project aims at a significant reduction in the Levelized Cost of Energy of offshore wind farms, through reductions in risk and uncertainty. This is achieved by incorporating uncertainty information throughout the entire wind turbine and wind farm modelling chain, from environmental conditions to reliability and cost of energy.

As HIPERWIND comes to an end, this event will present the major findings and research contributions from the project. You will see the project partners discussing:

  • Practical procedures for design under uncertainty, how this can be used to reduce material use, and what is the impact on LCOE.
  • Advanced, probabilistic data-driven (surrogate) models.
  • Reliability assessment methods.
  • Component life prediction models.
  • Uncertainty quantification of wake, hydrodynamics and aerodynamics models, coupled atmospheric flow modelling, joint probability of wind and wave parameters.
  • O&M and LCOE models.
  • New software tools.


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WindEurope Technology Workshop 2024