Presenters and Speakers | WindEurope Technology Workshop 2024

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Presenters and Speakers

Zhi Liang

Application Manager, Vaisala


Zhi LIANG is working as Application Manager of WindCube Nacelle in VAISALA since 2017, currently focusing on the algorithm and application of Nacelle-Mounted Lidar. He hosts a master’s degree and a Ph.D. both of Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment. Since 2012, he started his career in wind energy on Wind Resource Assessment and Wind Lidar Applications in CHN Energy(Longyuan Electric), Goldwind, Titan Wind, and VAISALA.


  • A full investigation on the performance and its uncertainty on Wind Turbine Power Curve (WTPC) of Nacelle-Mounted Lidar
  • Verification on wind shear measurement of Nacelle-Mounted Lidar (NML) and the impact on Power Performance Testing
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WindEurope Technology Workshop 2024