Topics and Abstract Submissions - WindEurope Workshops
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Topics and Abstract Submissions

The call for abstracts is now closed.

Selected authors will be notified by mid-February.

Note to students:
to facilitate participation, WindEurope may support travel and accommodation expenses (within limits) if the selected oral presentation is by a full-time student (e.g. PhD or similar).


The Resource Assessment Workshop is constructed around the following main topics.

Topic 1: reducing uncertainty in data analysis and processing

  • Uncertainty quantification – in individual WRA steps and propagation of uncertainties through the workflow;
  • Time series modelling. What stops us from wider implementation of time series calculations as opposed to frequency based?

Topic 2: reducing uncertainty in measurements using LiDARs

  • LiDAR and site suitability? TI measurements with LIDARs.
    • Shear adjustment for measurements campaigns including short masts and LIDARs?
  • Acceptance, validation, correction strategies.
    • Do we need to calibrate LiDARs against masts?
  • Applications of scanning LiDARs : how can the wind industry best benefit from this technology?

Topic 3: improving simulations and modelling with regards to levels of uncertainty

  • How to set a modelling hierarchy based on Uncertainty Quantification?

Topic 4: forecasting

  • What are the barriers to improving the accuracy of forecasts?
  • Do upwind wind speed measurements improve accuracy?
  • For power trading we need to know the demand, where is the industry?

Topic 5: wakes

  • Can wake steering improve production?
  • Do we need to include blockage effects due to closely spaced turbines?
  • Are turbines with large rotors on short towers under performing?

General Abstracts requirements – for all topics

  • Innovative content: abstracts should contain new work, not yet published
  • No commercial content please: overtly commercial abstracts will receive low ratings.
  • Contribution to industry knowledge: abstracts should strive to present data or results that can contribute to bringing the industry forward.
  • The correct topic must be selected to ensure correct scoring. The content of the abstract must be topic-related. It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure that abstracts are submitted under the correct topic.
  • Abstract format: plain text (no tables, graphs, charts or images) around 500 words.