Poster presentations - WindEurope Workshops
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Poster presentations

Topic 1 – Reducing uncertainty in data analysis and processing

PO02 Quantifying the uncertainty of CFD wind flow modeling
Di Li, Wind Service Manager, WindSim AS
PO03 Reducing uncertainty of wind speed measurements obtained on lattice masts
Vladislavs Bezrukovs, Researcher, Ventspils University of Applied Sciences
PO05 The influence of different algorithms for wind turbine’s generating capacity analysis and correction method research
Desheng Miao, CFD Engineer, Ming Yang Smart Energy Group Limited
PO06 A novel deterministic method for generating synthetic wind speeds
Daniele D’Ambrosio, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)
PO08 Aligning data requirements for realistic uncertainty evaluation
Rozenn Wagner, Senior researcher, DTU Wind Energy
PO09 Analysis of mesoscale wind data trends for areas with high wind resource variations and uncertainty quantification on long-term prediction
Marion Jude, Wind Analyst, Eoltech
PO10 Variance based uncertainty quantification of floating lidar systems and site specific uncertainty prediction using surrogate models
Oliver Bischof, Researcher, University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart Wind Energy
PO11 Demonstration of an open-source Python library for wind data processing and analysis
Stephen Holleran, Brightwind
PO12 Geographical influence in wind energy price: spatial analysis of capture price in the Iberian Peninsula
Circe Triviño, Senior Data Scientist, DNV GL
PO14 Reducing offshore wind estimation uncertainty in India: A comparison between various mesoscale and downscaled re-analysis data against validated offshore LiDAR measurements in Gujarat
Cecilie Langhans, Wind Energy Specialist, COWI A/S
PO17 Reduced uncertainty in quantification of offshore winds
Gus Jeans, Director, Oceanalysis Ltd
PO18 Uncertainty evaluation in resource assessment of wind energy potential
Kiril Demerdziev, PhD student, SS Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and IT
PO21 Which is best way for creating long term time-series?
Paulo Henrique Valente Campos, Project Manager, Casa dos Ventos
PO22 Reducing uncertainty in wind energy resource assessment by using multivariable distribution model
Maja Celeska, Teaching & Research Assistant , Ss Cyril and Methodius University Skopje, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies

Topic 2 – Reducing uncertainty in measurements using LiDARs

PO24 Application and Applicability Analysis of Scanning Lidar in Power Curve Test of Offshore Wind Turbine
Yufeng Wei, Deputy director of the Load and Stress Analysis department, Ming Yang Smart Energy Group Limited
PO25 RECAST – Changing the Resource Assessment game using WindScanners
Rozenn Wagner, Senior researcher, DTU Wind Energy
PO26 FLIDAR environmental sensitivity uncertainty – a case study leading to Stage 3
Breanne Gellatly, Director of Strategic Accounts, AXYS Technologies
PO28 Improving vertical wind speed extrapolation using short-term lidar measurements
Alexander Basse, University of Kassel
PO29 Intercomparison of Sodar, Lidar and met Mast used for wind resource assessment.
Lan Ding, Wind assessment engineer, EDF Renouvelables
PO30 Floating Lidar Systems: a mature and reliable technology serving the offshore wind industry!
Pablo Garcia ,Les Eoliennes en Mer (consortium Engie; EDPr; CdC and Sumitomo)
PO36 Measuring accurate wind in forested area
Paul Mazoyer, Lidar Wind Energy Engineer, Leosphere
PO38 Lidar Error Correction – Sensitivity on resolution and boundary conditions
Linda Voss, Meteorological models manager, GEO-NET Umweltconsulting GmbH
PO40 Multi scanning lidar measurements for resource assessment: A case study in complex terrain
Pedro Santos, PhD Student, DTU Wind Energy
PO41 Wind lidar development for offshore wind parks: The AEOLIKOS case
Dimitri Foussekis, Researcher, Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES)
PO42 A novel multi-LiDAR system for accurate wind and turbulence measurements in complex terrain – State of the project
Zouhair Khadiri-Yazami, Research Fellow, Fraunhofer IEE
PO43 Estimation of inflow turbulence by a forward-looking, scanning lidar
Jakob Mann, Professor, DTU Wind Energy
PO45 Optimization of lidar based measurement strategies for resource assessment of wind farms – State of the LiMeS project
Doron Callies, coordinator, Fraunhofer IEE
PO46 Uncovering wind conditions in complex terrain with Dual-Doppler lidars
Jakob Mann, Professor, DTU Wind Energy

Topic 3 – Improving simulations and modelling with regards to levels of uncertainty

PO48 Reducing the bias of mesoscale wind simulations
Lasse Blanke, Authorized Officer, Anemos GmbH
PO49 Monin-Obukhov similarity theory and its application to wind flow modelling over complex terrain
Hendri Breedt, Wind and Site Engineer (CFD), Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
PO50 “Where should we promote measurements to « control/drive/validate » wind « macro/meso/micro » models ?” : design of a new methodology.
Alexis Dutrieux, Managing Director, ATM-PRO S.P.R.L.
PO51 Bias Adjustment Factor on Energy Yield Assessments
Guillaume Boutonnet, Operational Assessment Engineer, EDF Renouvelables
PO55 Spatial Extrapolation uncertainties for different flow model types
Kai Moennich, Senior Engineering Lead Energy Services, UL International GmbH
PO56 Can the mast shear be extrapolated to hub height?
Kai Moennich, Senior Engineering Lead Energy Services, UL International GmbH
PO57 The “OWA Wake Modeling Challenge”: towards an open-access model evaluation methodology for array efficiency prediction
Javier Sanz Rodrigo, Senior Researcher, CENER
PO58 Improved lifetime and suitability decisions using wind climate uncertainty in a lightweight reliability setup
Lasse Svenningsen, R&D Manager, EMD International A/S
PO60 Meso- to microscale coupling via dynamical tendencies for determining site conditions in complex terrain
Bjarke Tobias Olsen, Post. Doc., DTU Wind Energy
PO62 Improved WAsP flow modelling using remotely-sensed land cover products.
Rogier Floors, Scientist, DTU Wind Energy
PO63 The road towards the NEWA mesoscale wind atlas: How to generate and manage 6000 Terabytes of model data
Björn Witha, Researcher, ForWind, Oldenburg University
PO64 The NEWA probabilistic wind atlas: Assessing model uncertainty with a large WRF ensemble
Jorge Navarro, Researcher, Renewable Energy Division, CIEMAT, Spain

Topic 4 – TBC

Topic 4 – Wakes

PO67 Multi windfarms interactions : a methodology to assess losses induced by new windfarm implementation
Alexis Dutrieux, Managing Director, ATM-PRO S.P.R.L.
PO68 Impact of ground clearance on wind farm performance – model verification
Wolfgang Schlez, Director, ProPlanEn