Poster presentation

Topic 1 – The application of big data and advanced statistical techniques

PO001 Value from free-text maintenance records: converting wind farm work orders into quantifiable, actionable information using text mining
Erik Salo, Research Assistant, University of Strathclyde
PO002 Analysis and benchmark-oriented evaluation of energy yields with focus on the performance assessment of wind turbines
Philip Gorg
, Reseach Associate, Fraunhofer IWES
PO003 Using Operational SCADA Data to Optimise Assets
Charles Plumley, Control Engineer, Wood
PO004 Extending the scope of automation beyond electrical power control to data categorisation and reliability
Mark Spring, Principle Engineer – Renewables O & M, Lloyd’s Register
PO005 Catching the context: cross-fleet benchmarking enabled by context-sensitive fingerprinting of SCADA data
Tom Tourwe, Technical Lead Data Innovation, Sirris
PO008 Power Curve Analysis using high-frequency SCADA Data
Gianmarco Pizza, ceo, Nispera AG

Topic 2 – Predicting and enhancing turbine performance

PO011 Floating Lidars for analysis of operational wind farms
John Slater, Senior Consultant, Fichtner Consulting Engineers
PO012 RETEX on 4 Years of Wind Turbine Performance Testing and Optimisation using Independent Measurement System Based on 2D Nacelle Lidar.
Guillaume Coubard-Millet, Technical Audit Engineer, WPO
PO013 Wind turbine performance under the influence of wind characteristics: a case study
Minh-Thang DO, Research Engineer, Meteodyn
PO014 Reducing the cost of energy through OPEX cost optimisation
Selena Farris, Head of Methods & Innovations, Natural Power Consultants Ltd.
PO015 Performance monitoring of wind turbines using Spinner Anemometers
Sowjanya Subramaniam Iyer, Data Analyst, ROMO Wind
PO016 Case study: Comparison of two Nacelle Mounted LiDAR technologies for a wind turbine yaw misalignment analysis.
Alix Pradel, UL

Topic 3 – Post-construction yield analysis

PO019 Calculation of energetic loss of operating wind farms based on SCADA Data
Till Schorer, Engineering Manager, UL
PO020 Requirements and Achievements in Post Construction Energy Yield Assessment Martin Strack, Manager Site and Energy Assessment, Deutsche WindGuard Consulting GmbH
PO021 Long-term Operational Energy Assessments
Claudia Puyals, Senior Analyst, AWS Truepower, a UL Company

Topic 4 – Asset reporting: availability and other key metrics

PO023 Availability by Reliability
Babu Balakrishnan, Technical Project Manager, Alfanar Energy
PO024 An estimation of key metrics from scada data – a third-party’s view
Julien Berthaut-Gerentes, Project Manager Innovation and Research, Meteodyn
PO025 3rd Classfication of Windcube achieved
Paul Mazoyer, Wind engineer, Leosphere
PO026 Asset Reporting Targeting Wind Farm Optimisation
Charles Plumley, Control Engineer, Wood
PO027 WEBS: a framework for aligning with international standards for asset reporting
Craig Stout, WEBS Engineer, Wind Energy Benchmarking Services
PO028 Peer-based OPEX benchmarking as a tool for identifying areas of improvement and understand the industry baseline
Grzegorz Skarzynski, VP Markets, Pexapark LTD

Topic 5 – Repowering, extending life or decommissioning?

PO029 New approach for the Condition Monitoring System within Life Extension Strategies
Enrique Camacho Cuesta, Predictive Maintenance Business Unit Coordinator, Ingeteam Power Technology – Service
PO030 Predicting RUL (Remaining Useful Life) of structural components by means of IAM (Indpendant Aerolastic Models) and how to reduce its uncertainties.
Santiago Lopez, UL Asset Management – Global Leader, UL
PO032 How Predictive Analytics Can Better Inform Decisions Related to Remaining Useful Life of Turbines
Alex Byrne, Senior Innovation Manager, Wind, Uptake

Topic 6 – Innovative techniques for enhanced performance

PO033 How to boost wind farm profitability with smart automated operations
Alejandro Cabrera, CEO, Green Eagle Solutions SL
PO034 An innovative way of processing iSpin measurements leads to a factor 2 reduction in system cost.
 Nick Janssen, Wind & performance specialist, ROMO Wind
PO035 A more efficient method for static yaw misalignment detection and correction Nicolas Quievy, Wind Technology Manager, ENGIE
PO037 Case Study: Optimising the performance of a small UK wind farm through wind turbine power modes
Matthew Zhang, Specialist, Lloyd’s Register
PO038 Results of Concurrent Power Performance Measurements Using an IEC mast, a Profiling Lidar, and a 4-beam Nacelle Lidar
Matthew V. Filippelli, Principal Engineer, AWS Truepower, a UL Company
PO039 WindGainHub: OEM independent strategy
Carlo Durante, eTa Blades
PO040 Advance in Small Turbine Design
Nabeel Ahsan, Student, National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST)

Topic 7 – Offshore operations: lowering the costs

PO041 Improving offshore wind farm performance through novel access strategies
Fernando Sevilla Montoya, Senior Engineer, DNV GL
PO042 Active maintenance optimisation of a large offshore wind farm based on mesoscale day-ahead power forecasts
Ken Tay, Lloyd’s Register
PO043 Monetising your data assets
Tony Hodgson, Global Product Manager Renewables, Fugro

Topic 8 – Operating wind farms in hybrid mode

PO044 Market opportunities for hybrid windfarm and battery plants – a critical review
Henrik Sundgård Pedersen, Sr. Wind Enery Consultant, EMD International