Breaking Wind

Looking for a different take on windy news? Join Guy as we have a look at some interesting or unusual stories from across the wind industry!

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Conference Sessions

Missed any sessions from our previous events? Here you’ll be able to check out our recordings from some of our previous conferences. All of the panel discussions, reports, market updates, interviews and all the other special features from years gone by…

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Digitilisation in Motion

The world changes and we move with it. The wind industry is no stranger to new technology and innovation. Join us as we take a look how our digitalisation has been taking shape...

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Generation Wind

Some of us have been wondering about wind farms since we were kids. When kids ask questions, many adults can learn too. And sometimes kids ask the questions that adults are afraid to ask. So take a moment to invite your whole family round and inspire your kids with the stories of interesting individuals who've pursued great careers in the wind industry - and never stopped wondering.

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Our industry, our jobs

How does it feel to work in the wind industry? What skills does it take - and what skills can you learn? How do we attract young talent? What can we do to improve the gender balance?

Meet some passionate individuals during our new series of 30 min discussions on key challenges the wind industry is currently facing.

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Power up your day

What's been making headlines this month? Curious about stories you might have missed? Join us as we get you recharged and up-to-speed on the latest wind news.

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Sofa Talks

Most of Europe is still working from home! Make yourself a cup of coffee and join WindEurope’s experts and their guests, directly from our sofas to yours! WindEurope Sofa Talks continues to be a popular series of free interactive webinars dedicated to the most important issues facing wind energy today. From recycling to finance, from the EU’s Climate Law to industrial strategy and more, our webinars will set out the current state-of-play and answer your questions in real time.

This is your chance to get one-to-one insights from Europe’s leading wind energy experts. Scroll down to see what our upcoming topics include!

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Tea & Champagne

Our tea-time tour of the market across Europe. This is a 30 min chat between an Englishman – Giles Dickson, WindEurope’s CEO and a Frenchman – Pierre Tardieu WindEurope’s Chief Policy Officer, about the latest developments in different European markets. Giles and Pierre will walk you through the key political and market milestones, give you fresh look at them and make sure you understand the impact it might all have on your business. And you might get a bit of English vs French banter for good measure!

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Wind where you are

Go around Europe with us and visit wind industry players' facilities and its operations !

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Did you know that our Wind Intelligence Platform has hundreds of reports, infographics, analyses as well as data and interactive tools?

We will help you navigate it all by highlighting the products that everyone interested in wind energy should take a look at. But instead of reading the whole report, tune in for a quick 5 min overview and then decide whether you'd like to learn more...

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