Sessions - WindEurope Technology Workshop 2022
Resource Assessment & Analysis of Operating Wind Farms 2022
23-24 June • Brussels


Environmental aspects of wind farms

When: Thursday, 23 June 2022, 14:00 - 15:30
Where: Auditorium

Session description

In the context of a deepening and global environmental crisis, the world now faces the additional threat of a compounding energy crisis. Wind energy tops the EU’s list as the renewable energy technology that can deliver climate neutrality and energy independence in a quick and cost efficient way. And that will keep the clean energy transition truly ‘made in Europe’.

Wind is a clean, free, and sustainable source of renewable energy. Operating wind turbines does not emit greenhouse gases or any other air pollutant. But there are other potential impacts on society (noise, visual impact) and the surrounding natural environment (wildlife).

This session will highlight how the wind industry assesses and limits these impacts. It will present solutions to mitigate environmental impacts at all stages of wind energy development.

Session chair

Alexander Vandenberghe

Sustainability Manager, WindEurope


Animal behavior analysis by ornithologist to develop working BDS - How the Covid-pandemic have increased focus on zoonotic diseases.

Brian Boye

Senior Manager Telecom Systems, Semco Maritime

Optimal noise curtailment of modern wind farms using high fidelity sound propagation models

René Slot

R&D Engineer, EMD International A/S

Preventing Bird Collisions using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, radars and cameras while maximizing wind turbine availability.

Tassos Alefantos


Technology for environmental mitigation and monitoring

Miriam Marchante Jiménez

Asset Value Engineering Senior Lead Specialist, Ørsted

The Impact of Scour on Natural Frequency

Kester Gunn

Modelling and Analytics Expert, RWE Renewables

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