Posters - WindEurope Technology Workshop 2022
Resource Assessment & Analysis of Operating Wind Farms 2022
23-24 June • Brussels


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PO074: Reference wind speed for performance monitoring of wind farms: an operational energy assessment point-of-view

Guilherme Pedrosa, Engineering Consultant, Auren Energia


Pre-constructive energy studies employ extensive modeling to estimate the energy potential of a wind farm from prospecting data. After its construction, several of the simulated phenomena can be verified by measurements, mostly available in the supervisory acquisition and control system (SCADA) of wind farms, reference meteorological masts and energy meters. Thus, energy estimates from operational data tend to reduce uncertainties associated with energy estimates, therefore reducing the distance between the P50 and P90 certified values. However, the wind speed sources usually employed for the studies are not under the management of the wind farm operator, imposing a challenge for monitoring the energy targets provided by the new certification. The current work proposes a methodology for obtaining monthly equivalent wind speeds to the energy P-values provided by certifying entities using measurements from met masts under the operator's management. For the case study presented, the proposed model showed an improvement of 2% in the Pearson's R² correlation coefficient when compared to the certified models. Furthermore, in-service tests show excellent agreement for estimating production from the wind resource, indicating when production should consistently be above or below P50 and P90 targets, which ensures the focus of O&M actions on divergent KPIs, better energy budgeting and executive reporting.