Giles & Pierre - Episode 13 - A roundup of 2022 EU wind installations and a look ahead to 2023

11 January 2023

Auctions Contracts for Difference EU Electricity markets Emergency measures Finland Germany Grid Installations Italy North sea Onshore wind Permitting Power purchase agreements Raw materials Renewable Energy Directive Renewables Repowering Supply chain Support mechanism Sweden UK Wind energy

Last year Europe built 15 GW of new wind energy capacity. This is well short of the numbers we need to meet the EU’s climate and energy targets. So what’s holding us back? Permitting and supply chain challenges still loom large, and electricity market rules haven’t helped either. Can we expect to see big movement on these in 2023?
Join Giles and Pierre as we take a look at the priorities for the coming year and some of the big policy items to look out for.

Video recorded on 5 January 2023.