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Explanation of the Daily Wind Power Numbers platform

The different functions of each screen

Europe is a global leader in wind energy. The first screen of the tool shows that wind energy powers millions of European households and businesses every day. Last year wind energy covered 15% of EU power demand. And on some days, it covered more than 100% of some Member State's electricity demand.

Wind power is a reliable partner in almost every Member State. The second tab presents the top countries in generating on- and offshore wind energy on the day before. The ranking changes with weather and market conditions.

As a mainstream technology, wind power fully competes with conventional plants. By clicking on the third tab, you can get an idea of a Member State's energy mix – per hour.

Wind varies, but it is always blowing somewhere in Europe. Tab four supports the case of a functioning internal energy market that increases cross-border trade and enhances security of supply. See a map of Europe's most powerful connections.

Member States with windy conditions do not yet fully tap the potential. The higher the capacity factor in tab five the more wind energy was generated. Browse our statistics to see how many turbines your country has.

Where do we get the data for this tool?

The information provided on this platform is extracted every day from 15,000 data points including information provided via the ENTSO-E transparency platform and Elexon's Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service.

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