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Thursday, 29 September 2016
09:00 - 10:30 Noise and visual impacts and you as the local resident
Environmental impacts & social acceptance  

Room: C 2.2

This session will explore various technologies and methodologies to analyse and mitigate noise and visual impacts of wind farms. It will focus in particular on the capacity of the various technologies to foster acceptance among citizens living around a wind farm. Preventing negative impacts of wind farms on people means reducing noise and visual impact.

Chair and speakers will involve the audience by discussing the various examples of projects using these technologies. With the help of these examples, we will try to find out why certain technologies help to foster acceptance while others do not.

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Learning objectives

  • Apply two new methodologies when analysing visual impact;
  • Consider application of three approaches when analysing noise impacts;
  • Explain ways of reducing noise and visual impact;
  • Distinguish effective and less effective technologies for various kinds of wind power projects.
Ruth Brand-Schock, Head of Political and Governmental Relations, ENERCON, Germany

Abstract ID: 371
Sara Koller
Project Manager Wind Assessments, Meteotest, Switzerland
Cumulative visibility analyses for wind parks within a regional context

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Friedrich Wilts
Project Engineer, UL International GmbH (DEWI), Germany
Experiences with methods to assess noise complaints of wind farms

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Michael Kerscher
Acoustic Engineer, gfai tech GmbH, Germany
How acoustic camera measurements can help to increase the acceptance of wind turbines

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Moise Coulon
Senior Technical Consultant, TNEI Services Ltd, United Kingdom
Continous noise monitoring to protect residents and improve yield

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